ANSI-X-12 Standard: A document published by the ANSI (American National Standards Institute ) committee that sets the standards for transmission of EDI data.

Application software: Computer software that performs a specific function or purpose.

ASCII: Computer data that contains only character information, without any formatting instructions.

Award Notification (836): Transaction set that provides notice of contract award including winner's name and price.

Blanket Purchase Order: A charge account established with selected vendors.

Change Acknowledgement (860): Transaction set sent by vendor to confirm it has received and accepted a change in a P.O.

Download: Transfer data from another computer to yours.

DUNS Number: Universal number developed by Dun & Bradstreet to uniquely identify a corporate entity.

EDIFACT: The international standards set by the United Nations for EDI.

Electronic Catalog: The posting of item descriptions, prices, and pictures in an on-line format.

Export Data: Send out data from one application to another by changing its format to that required by the second application.

Functional Acknowledgement (997): Transaction set sent by a recipient of an EDI message to confirm data received, not approval of its contents.

Import Data: Bring data into one application from another by changing its format to that required by the first application.

Invoice (810): Transaction set that bills the buyer for product purchased.

Local Area Network: Group of computers within a limited geographical area connected by cables to share information and hardware.

Manifest (856): Ship Notice.

Mapping: Convert standard data elements of an EDI message to those understood by non-EDI application software.

National Stock Number: A number assigned by GSA to designate different types of goods and their attributes.

Payment Order (820): Transaction set to authorize funds transfer through a financial institution.

Purchase Order (850): Transaction set generated by buyer that identifies all details needed to process a request for goods or services.

Remittance Advice (820): Transaction set used to notify recipient of funds transfer.

Ship Notice (856): Transaction set notifying buyer of arrival time, method, and items in a pending shipment.

Trading Partner: Any organization with which a company uses EDI to do business.

Upload: Transfer data from your computer to another.