ECSI launches unique 'Federal E-Market Analysis' service!New Service !!!
ECSI Federal E-Market Analysis Through ECSI's support of Federal suppliers over the years, we recognized a need for comprehensive information and analysis about the Federal electronic marketplace. In order to meet that need, we are pleased to debut our 'Federal E-Market Analysis' service, designed to provide the Federal supplier with the tools they need to attract Federal buyers.
Our analytical report carefully examines the supplier's overall Federal E-Market presence and provides critique and suggestions for improvement. Additionally, we provide supplier's with a review and comparison of their position in relation to their top five primary competitors. In today's Federal marketplace having an understanding of what drives the Federal buyer and how to best position yourself within the Federal E-Marketplace is crucial to your success.

ECSI supports Defense Supply Center Philadelphia E-CAT Program!
dmmonline  (defense medical materiel) ECSI is pleased to announce that we are now applying our Federal e-commerce solution services toward the support of the Defense Logistics Agency's Defense Supply Center Philadelphia (DLA/DSCP) electronic catalog program, refered to as "E-CAT", which is the basis of 'DMMOnline' (defense medical materiel).
On January 9, 2001, DLA/DSCP released a solicitation for suppliers to participate in this new and unique online procurement program. This is yet another opportunity for suppliers to increase their exposure to Federal purchasers through the use of electronic commerce technologies. ECSI is providing solution services to support the solicitation including development of electronic catalogs as required by this initiative.

ECSI undergoes new growth phase!
ECSI worked closely with MediaWorks LLC, a media development agency, to create a new and unique marketing package. The first step was the creation of a new logo.  From there, new business cards and letterhead were developed.  The final step in the process is the creation of a new and dynamic website that will incorporate the logo and design features.  Says Mr. Pope, President & CEO, "I wanted a look that would make a statement.  ECSI is a dynamic company that is continually moving forward in the e-commerce arena. The new logo and unique, rounded shape of the business cards and letterhead shows that ECSI is at the cutting edge".

In September 2000 ECSI relocated to new and larger offices in Chantilly, VA.  ECSI's continued growth dictated the need for more office space and prompted the relocation.  ECSI's new headquarters at 43069 Eustis Street, Suite 300 provide the additional office space required.

ECSI hires new Project Manager!
Lisa D. Gallant formerly Project Supervisor, International Business Operations at Feld Entertainment, Inc. joined ECSI on November 20, 2000.  Ms. Gallant is responsible for overseeing various projects at ECSI including marketing development, public relations and business development. Ms. Gallant is excited to further enhance her project management skills while gaining experience in the exciting world of Federal electronic commerce.
ECSI Teams with Washington Management Group Inc (WMG) and the Coalition for Government Procurement!

ECSI and WMG have formed a teaming agreement that will allow both companies to provide their clients with access to a complete solution toward all of their Federal contracting needs. Washington Management Group, Inc. founded in 1977, offers a unique blend of consulting expertise in Federal GSA Multiple Award Schedule contracting, follow-up marketing and procurement related public policy. ECSI's services complement those of WMG by providing knowledge and expertise in Federal Information Technology.
ECSI President invited guset speaker at the Coalition for Government Procurement Federal E-Commerce conference!

On February 15, 2000 Mr. Pope will speak alongside Mr. Bill Gormley, Senior Vice President, Washington Management Group, Inc. and former Assistant Commissioner for the Office of Acquisition at GSA .  Mr. Pope was selected to speak because of his extensive knowledge of Federal electronic commerce initiatives.  Mr. Pope has over five years of experience in working with the General Services Administration and other government procurement agencies and is highly regarded as an expert in the industry.
Department of Veterans Affairs teams with General Services Administration!

Suppliers to the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) will now have their products displayed on GSA Advantage! as a result of a partnering between the two agencies.  ECSI worked closely with both agencies in a "pilot program' to assess the feasibility of transmitting VA supply schedule data via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) based electronic catalogs to GSA's 'GSA Advantage!' On-Line procurement program.  ECSI's unique electronic catalog services are able to support this change allowing VA suppliers to submit VA schedule information to GSA Advantage! quickly and easily.