In July 1998, ECSI was invited by Mr. Ed O’Hare, Chief Information Officer, General Services Administration, to apply for a GSA schedule, thereby allowing government agencies to purchase services directly from ECSI.

The GSA schedule is considered by the government to be the most prestigious Federal contract vehicle and is highly sought after by industry.  Obtaining a schedule is no easy feat and companies wishing to do so must provide exhaustive corporate information.  GSA is very specific in the types of industry, products/services and suppliers that it supports and allows on schedule.  Mr. Pope was able to successfully negotiate and obtain a schedule in only eighty days  most businesses require as much as a year to secure a schedule!

More significantly, ECSI was one of the first ten electronic commerce solutions providers to receive a GSA schedule award and is one of the only electronic catalog solution providers to receive such an award.  Not only does this show that ECSI is an innovator, but it clearly demonstrates that ECSI is truly a leader in its industry.

Department of Veteran Affairs:
In April, 1999 just short of two years from incorporation, ECSI was awarded a contract to provide the Department of Veteran Affairs Office of Acquisition and Materiel Management (VA OA&MM) information technology data conversion services to support contract holders by submitting and maintaining their electronic catalogs.  This award was a major accomplishment for ECSI who won the contract competing against companies many times its size.  It was also the first time that a government agency had worked with an electronic catalog service provider in such a manner and enabled the program to launch successfully.